Good Chemistry

Great Coffee!

Served cold and infused with nitrogen to bring you a smooth tasting, pick-me up that's perfect for recharging.

  • 1 Sweeter with Science

    Nitrogen delivers sweeter flavors and a smooth, creamy foam without added cream and sugar.

  • 2 Lower Acidity

    Cold brewing removes less acid from the beans, for a coffee that won’t upset your stomach.

  • 3 More Caffeine

    The NCB’s 48-hour steep extracts even more caffeine from the beans — adding a little extra kick to your cup.

  • 4 Proof in the Profile

    The NCB is locally crafted and carefully brewed to develop the perfect flavor profile for a delicious, rich and luxurious coffee drinking experience.

Rechargeable Coffee!

Coffee should be consistent in both taste and accessibility.

That’s why our Keg Delivery Program is designed to free your office or restaurant from the shackles of stale coffee. We’re proud to deliver kegs of handcrafted coffee, steeped and nitrogenated for days to ensure quality taste cup after cup after cup.

Get an NCB Keg:

The professionals at the Recharge Brewing Company make keeping The NCB on hand easy, taking care of everything
For you from delivery to cleaning to making sure the keg always stays full.